Day 24 - Project 365 - Twig-like feather-legged spider (Miagrammopes sp.)

10:24 pm

Day 24 of Project 365

Twig-like feather-legged spider (Miagrammopes sp.)

As the name suggests its a twig like feather legged spider and when i was introduced to this spider for the first time i did not believe until it moved and i saw the legs. 

Spiders of the genus Miagrammopes have a very flat carapace and have eight eyes arranged in two rows. The first row may be poorly developed, thus giving the impression that they have only four eyes. Miagrammopes spiders do not spin orb-webs. Instead, they build a single-line snare which is fastened to a twig on one end and held taut by the first pair of legs at the other end. When an insect lands and hits the thread, the spider releases the line which springs back and entangles the insect.

Photo Below

Twig-like feather-legged spider (Miagrammopes sp.)

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