Behind The Scene

11:06 pm

This was my macro buddy's last outing as a bachelor as he is getting married next week
so we decided to go to a new trial which we have never seen before. Upon arrival we parked our car in the housing estate and started to setup. It took us 15 minutes to get ready since we need to put so many extra 
stuff on our camera as you can see below.

This is my new diffuser

However we were not able to go to that trail since there were 5 wild stray dogs at the entrance and they made sure that we are not able to enter the trial. Anyway we tried to enter the trail from somewhere else however we were not able to find the way. The trail looked very promising since at the entrance we saw a very beautiful butterfly , assassin bug, couple of spiders and a mantis egg sack.

Faiz in action

Myself in action
So after searching for around 1.5 hours we decided to go somewhere else. We headed to a new place and we didn't get much to shoot since it rained heavy just 3 hours before. So we managed to get some good shot of sleeping bees. Photos later

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