The Hunt

9:18 pm

By hunt I don't mean that we go out hunting for these creators but I mean to search for these critters in the forest. They might be anywhere on a leaf, on the ground, on a tree trunk, behind the leaf. 

A Wanderer on the Ground

They are everywhere it's just that you need to patiently look and have a keen eye for any movement. Some are easily visible and some are completely camouflaged. They will be right there in front of you but you will not be able to spot. 

Right in front of the Beast of the Macro world

One such spider we met on our usual night outing. The spider is called( commonly) wandering spider because they are wanderers on the forest floor.

From side - A very well behaved Spider he was

Top View

Faiz (My Macro brother) spotted one such wanderer while we were wandering in the forest at around 2 am. He was like bro wait don't move   oh my god its a wandering spider and I was like huh where ... where do u see it bro... then he put his torch on him and I see an amazing looking spider completely camouflaged. 

Face to Face with the Beast

Extreme Closeup

 We took terns shooting pictures of this guy and he was a very well behaved spider. After getting some nice satisfying shots of this guy we called it a night.

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