My Top 5 photos of November

11:39 pm

Its been very long that i have posted anything on my blog as my personal commitments kept me busy and since now i have got the time to revamp my blog i thought of writing a small blog post on my top 5 photos of the month of November. Its been a month (November) that i am back in Singapore and i have shot on all the weekends since then so here we go

Copper Cheeked Frog

This is one of the best image i shot of Copper Cheeked Frog

Fungus - Since i do not know the ID i have named it Yellow Cap Fungus

My favorite Fungus to shoot. The yellow cap is around 1mm in size and over all size of this fungus is around 10mm.

Dog-Toothed Cat Snake

I love snakes and i always wish to see and photograph one when i go out on my regular macro outing. I have seen this species once before (fully grown, this is a juvenile) but i was not able to shoot then but this time i was lucky.

Ant-Snatching Assassin Bug

One of the best in camouflaging, kills and collects ants on its back to mimic (Kind of) their scent to catch more ants.

Brown Praying Mantis

A very common sighting however a very unusual pose (for me)

thanks a lot for stopping by and if you like my photos please leave me a comment to encourage me to post more and follow me on Facebook or twitter to follow regular bug pics update. 

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  1. Manoj, I like seeing the photos so hope you'll continue posting them. I can't help but think of the yellow cap fungi as 'fairy parasols'. No wonder they're your favourite.

    I especially liked the assassin bug piling the dead ants on its back!

    1. Hey Jude

      thanks a lot of commenting and yes i will continue to post amazing bug pictures..

      thanks again



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