What an Amazing Night it was

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So we went to one of our very favorite place that Friday night in the month of April (post work of course, it really surprises me that i can have the energy to go out shooting on Friday night post work however do not have the same energy post work on any other day.. :-) probably it is because of the excitement that I can sleep till late the next day) anyway this spot has never disappointed us at night ever. we have something or the other to shoot all the time (cannot name the spot as per the norm followed among my fellow Macro photographer in Singapore).We were joined here by Masta Rudy, Anrico De Selva one of the newest member of our gang but has been shooting Macro for long. so we started shooting and were greeted by many bugs and two of the very unique sightings. Scroll down for the same.

1. Jungle Cockroach

I generally start with shooting some leaf around the area to test my lighting and settings of my camera to my taste and this time it was this very shy Jungle Cockroach. 

2. Gecko - ID help pls

The beautiful yellow eyed Gecko and this is the only shot I managed to get before she decided to climb higher.

3.Changeable Lizard 

Then when we starting moving forward I happen to see this Changeable lizard resting on this twig and showing this beautiful yellow color and decided to check her out. yeah baby she allowed us good 30 minutes of shooting without moving much and we all totally checked her out. 

4. Changeable Lizard

There were a lot of things flying around and while shooting i noticed her opening her mouth but not catching any prey don't know if she was teasing us with her tongue out or was trying to hunt.

5. Changeable Lizard

5. Lime Butterfly (if i am not wrong)

So we were done shooting the pretty lady and moved forward. Couple of steps away i happen to notice this beauty resting there but was way to high for me to get a good angle and shoot hence i just took this record shot.


We moved forward walking slowly into the dark and smelling the nice aroma of the jungle and listening to the sound these amazing bugs were making feeling so happy with the sightings till now and then came this beautiful katydid  

7. Katydid 

After taking few shots i left him alone and ventured further to see other bugs around the area when i heard Faiz calling us looking so happy ( The last time i saw him that happy and excited was on his marriage (hope you will not kill me bro)). After hearing what he spotted even i was very exited as I have never seen that bug before and it was a very rare find even though i have read alot and heard alot about this bug. Continue reading further to find our what faiz Spotted that night.

8. Katydid 

So Faiz started documenting the find i went to see the katydid again and this time it was moving and leaving this white stuff on the branch coming out of its abdomen. Faiz suggested that it was laying eggs but we are still not sure (anyone can help?) took couple of record shots and left the guy alone for him to carry on with his stuff. 

9. Katydid

10. Katydid 

11. Tiger Beetle 

Right next to the tree where we spotted the Katydid i saw this tiger beetle resting on the leaf. I have this new found love for beetles whenever i see one i have to take a lot of photos and i find them really beautiful. This guy never moved so allowed me to shoot from all angle. Even though some of the beetles are known to bite human which is painful fortunately i have never been bitten by any. probably because we respect the distance and leave the bug alone when it starts to move. One thing i really like about my group is that we are not photo hungry. we are ok if we only get one record shot of the bug. we just love seeing them.

12. Tiger Beetle

13. Face to Face with the Tiger of the insect world

14. ID help pls - 

on the same plant  I saw these two cute spiders. From my basic knowledge i knew that males are generally smaller and females are bigger in size and they meet together to mate thinking the same logic i left these two alone to do their business not sure if they were actually there to mate or even they male and female of the same species. Better to leave them alone rather than disturbing.

15. Monkey Lynx Spider

I consider this to be one of my best shot of this species.

16. Heavy Jumper 

This is the unique spotting of the night about which Faiz was very happy and excited.

17. Heavy Jumper

18. Heavy Jumper

19. Juvenile Nursery Web Spider

20. Juvenile Nursery Web Spider 

21. Leaf Hopper 

22. Phaeacius cf. malayensis

23. Phaeacius cf. malayensis

One of my best shot of this spider

24. Common Garden Spider

Ever Seen a spider spinning the web?

25. Common Garden Spider

There were alot of Garden spider there.

26. Painted Bronzeback Snake 

I just love snakes and this is the only shot i managed to get that night before this guy decided to turn back. 

And after shooting the Garden spider we called it a night. Hope you enjoy reading this and like the photos. Leave me a comment below or share it pls.

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