Friday Night with IMOG

9:58 pm

IMOG - Informal Macro Outing Group is a macro photography group run by the members of NPSS (Nature Photographic Society, Singapore). If you are in Singapore and would like to see/ learn / shoot macro photographs you can sign up for their weekly macro outing (here). Every week one of the leader of NPSS will lead an outing in some of the macro sites identified by NPSS and this time it was Allan (one of the best macro shooter / Spotter in Singapore) leading an outing at chestnut Avenue. It was nostalgic going on an outing with IMOG since I started learning macro photography with IMOG back in 2012. It is an amazing platform to learn and see the unseen world first hand.  

NPSS is a registered photographic society in Singapore with the aim of creating an interest in preserving the beauty of the natural world through photography and their activities include

  • Monthly local photographic outings with full guidance for beginners in nature photography
  • Web based photo critique via forums
  • Beginner or intermediate nature photography course
  • At least 1 overseas photographic shoot at a location renowned for its rich and abundant nature subjects.

In addition to the above they have an interactive website where members can post their photographs for critique and ask for any advice. They also hope to reach out to the general public through a once a year event in the form of an exhibition or competition.

(Source: NPSS)

Below are the photos from Friday night outing and please feel free to share, like or comment.

Darkling Beetle

Treehopper, Membracidae - Shot him for the first time

Stick Insect

Stick Insect

Blue Carpenter Bee - it was actually burrowing a hole in this log when i managed to get this shot

Lichen Huntsman Spider guarding her egg sac

A Leaf with Red eyes - Planthopper

Telamonia cf. festiva - Female

Juvenile Oriental Whip Snake

Juvenile Oriental Whip Snake

Juvenile Oriental Whip Snake

Juvenile Oriental Whip Snake

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