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10:29 pm

As the name suggest that it is not a usual 365 days photo project wherein one will go out shooting one photo every day. In the world of macro photography it is very difficult (for a person with a 9AM to 6PM job) to shoot a macro photo every day and I am not saying I will not try but if I won't find any subject to shoot I will dig my archive and pull out an old photo and post.

So this project is basically revolves around posting one photo on my blog and social media every day for the next 365 days from my archive. This way I will be able to edit alot of old photos (yes I am guilty of not sorting out my photos and have a lot of back log) and will be able to post regularly on my blog.

So guys follow my blog via email here or follow me on social media (links in Header) to see an interesting looking bug every day for the next 365 days.

Day 1 of 365

Orb Web Spider (Eriovixia laglaizei)

This particular spider is very common in Singapore. Orb - weaver spider or araneids are member of the spider family Araneidae and are often found in Gardens, Fields and Forests. 

Eriovixia laglaizei

Eriovixia laglaizei

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