Day 21 - Project 365 - Banded Bullfrog

11:07 pm

Day 21 of Project 365

Banded Bullfrog - Kaloula pulchra 

I was not able to post for quite some time due to personal commitments and due to my vacation back in Delhi but i am back now and will be posting regularly. I will also be posting about my two road trips I did this time in India so keep a look out. So this friday was my first macro outing post my return and as always i was very excited about the same. The excitement is about the curiosity to see something new, something different and we started at around 8: 45 pm and finished around 2:00 am. We spotted few jumpers, beetle and that's about it. It was a pretty dry night. I spotted this Banded Bullfrog at the entrance of the park before starting the trail and by the time i bend down to take a shot the guy disappeared in the woods and to my surprise when we came back after finishing the outing i found the frog to be at the exact location where i found it earlier. I don't know if this is just a co-incident or i was destined to shoot him. Photos below

Banded Bullfrog

Banded Bullfrog

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