Day 20 - Project 365 - Checking out St. john Island

10:50 pm

Day 20 of Project 365

St. John Island

It was a lazy Wednesday afternoon when I got a whats app msg in our group from Faiz asking us to join him for an overnight trip to St. John Island for Macro photography. After reading that msg a lot of thoughts ran into my mind on how to convince the Home Ministry since the Saturday was already planned with her. I can only say when it comes to my passion and photography my wife is the most understanding person on the entire planet earth. I convinced her and the plan was on, excitement was filled and i was reading about wildlife noticed by other visitors but couldn't find much.

We took the ferry at 12:00 from marina south pier to St.John island which is hardly 20 minute ride in a ferry and we were welcomed by the rain god. Do check out the video below and see how amazing the weather was..

There is nothing better than having to spend night out with the boys (Faiz and his friends) in lap of nature and cook our own food, joke around, share stories, experiences and most importantly laughter and get good amount of mosquito bites all over body which becomes very itchy a day after and that is how my Saturday was on St. John Island.

Yes you guessed it right that we did not shoot any Macro that night since we both (me and faiz) fell sick on the island and were very tired by the end of the day so we decided to call it off and enjoy the weather and company at hand.

Still I managed to take some photos on the island which is filled with a lot of cats and birds.

we also met a macaque on the island (surprisingly he was the only one there) who thinks that he is a cat and we also observed some behavior similar to cats.

In the lap of nature

Let me introduce you to the boys 

Left to Right: Me in green, Helmie, Razali, Izam, Miko, Faye, Faiz, Harry, Sharif, Rudy

It is my pleasure to know these amazing bunch of laughter loving people and i thoroughly enjoyed their company.

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