Day 30 - Project 365 - So I met Mr. Davidbowie

3:30 pm

Day 30 of Project 365

So I met Mr. Davidbowie

Yeah, you guessed it right it's not The Davidbowie but a spider named after the legendary singer Mr. David Bowie. Heteropoda davidbowie is a species of huntsman spider of the Heteropoda genus. It was described from Cameron Highlands in peninsular Malaysia by Peter Jäger in 2008.

The species name honors David Bowie, with particular reference to songs such as "Glass Spider" (from the 1987 album Never Let Me Down), and the resemblance of the frontal view of the spider to the singer's painted face in his early career.

It was Sir Cheng San who spotted this beautiful spider and this is my second time shooting this spider. The last I saw this spider was 1. 5 years ago with Faiz B (

photos below

Heteropoda davidbowie
Heteropoda Davidbowie

Heteropoda davidbowie
Heteropoda Davidbowie

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