Day 32 - Project 365 - Is that really a spider?

9:33 pm

Day 32 of Project 365

Jumping Spider - Simaetha sp. (not confirmed yet)

We went to Endau Rompin National Park (Behind the scene footage and more) just last month for two days and one thing which I desperately wished was to see a Tarantula in the wild. you see, I have been photographing the unseen world for last 4 years and I am out in the jungle every Friday night but  I am yet to see/encounter a fully grown or juvenile tarantula. It has happened that my friends have found / seen one when I am not there and we call it the Tarantula Jinx which I have on me and I was hoping and quite positive that I will break the jinx on this trip and (yes you guessed it right) I didn't see one. Damn (pulling hair)!!!

But we ended the trip with a very beautiful jumping spider which JUMPED (yes jumped) on Faiz hand (we call him spider whisperer anyway) while crossing a jungle stream. It was very tiny measuring at 2-3mm only. 

Photos below 
Jumping Spider - Simaetha sp.
Jumping Spider - Simaetha sp.
Jumping Spider - Simaetha sp.
Jumping Spider - Simaetha sp.

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  1. Very interesting blog. Many blogs I see these days do not really provide anything that attract others, but I am most definitely interested in this one.photographing the unseen world for final 4 years and out within the jungle every Friday night however yet to look/stumble upon a totally grown or juvenile tarantula.I'm working at Out of Home Advertising in Visakhapatnam It has came about that my buddies have found / seen one whilst now not there and name it the Tarantula Jinx which i've on me and i was hoping and pretty advantageous that i'm able to ruin the jinx

  2. Thanks Nagaraj .... I am happy that you liked it.


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