Un-boxing of Canon EOS 80D & Canon BG - E14 battery Grip and my my Macro Team

10:43 pm

Unboxing of Canon EOS 80D and Canon BG - E14 battery Grip 

I have not been shooting for last 2 months since my camera was spoilt however I did go out every Friday to meet my family (Macro Family, Intro below) and find interesting subjects. During this time, I was also reading about different cameras (by canon) while I wait for Canon M5 (the new mirrorless camera). I finally decided to go with Canon 80D because

1. The specs of Canon 80D and EOS M5 is similar.
2. The Canon 80D was cheaper than EOS M5 (comparing the US launch price estimation)
3. In order for me to use all my lenses with Canon EOS M5, I will need to buy an adaptor (extra cost). 
4. Using an adaptor means losing a couple of stops of light. 
5. Mirrorless by Canon is still new and it will need time for improvement (I am on a budget and cannot change camera's that often). 

So here you go with the unboxing (pls ignore my heavy breathing :-)) 


and my macro family

Cheng San, James, Me, Brandon and Calvin
Roger, Amber, Faiz & Andrew

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