Day 33 - Project 365 - Up and Close with a Tiny Dragon

1:23 pm

Day 33 of Project 365

Gonocephalus sp.

"Aeiiiii look" "So Cute" "Never see one before" and "shoot shoot", these are few words we hear from Amber all the time and we know that Amber has spotted something rare or different. It was dark and almost half our gang was way ahead with the guide in Endau Rompin National Park leaving me, Amber, Roger, Faiz and Cheng san behind. It was then we heard those golden words and we were few meters away from Amber. We reached the spot and looked at the dragon (cute juvenile, nonetheless a dragon) and wished we all get our shots before this baby decides to jump and get lost in the jungle. 

We all ended up taking photos of the beauty and slept peacefully. 

Photo Below 

Gonocephalus sp.

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