A Meeting with the Magnificent "Blue Nawab Caterpillar" - "The Nawab"

12:35 am

The word "Nawab" is a Urdu word, borrowed via Persian from the Arabic, being the honorific plural of naib i.e. 'deputy' and the caterpillar we met that fine morning was nothing less than a deputy or the Nawab in the Caterpillar Family.

Polyura schreiber, the blue nawab, is a butterfly species found in tropical Asia. It belongs to the Charaxinae (Rajahs and nawabs) in the brush-footed butterfly family (Nymphalidae). It occurs from South India and Assam through Myanmar, Tenasserim and Southeast Asia to southern China and to Java,Indonesia (Source: Wiki).

So I have been telling my macro brother Faiz (mirrorlessmacro.blogspot.sg) to go to this one place about which i have read alot of stories and have seen amazing pictures shot by many Macro Photographers in Singapore but we never got the chance to visit until this fine Saturday when we finally decided to go there. At the start of the trail we located a lot of subjects (this is not even the entrance to the trail, its some of the bushes outside) different subjects which we had never seen before and then finally i met the "Nawab".

I have seen alot of photos of this amazing Caterpillar shot by many Macro photographer including the Great Nicky Bay. If you are interested in Macro Photography and want to learn the technique from the master then i strongly recommend you visit Nicky Bay Blog (link above).  you will get to learn alot.

Anyway, so after spending almost 3 hours ( I am not Exaggerating) with the Nawab we  moved forward to this amazing trail and found so many different species of Spiders / Damselflies / Moths / Robber flies and  many more amazing insects.

Without wasting any more of your time on my pathetic skills of writing a blog post I leave you with these beautiful Photos. Do leave me a comment or share this blog if you like it.

1. Blue Nawab Caterpillar

2. The Nawab

3. Magnificent Nawab

4. Nawab resting in his hide

5. The Nawab

6. The Green Nawab..

7. The second Nawab - The Second Nawab we spotted..

8. The Twig like Caterpillar 

9. More of the Twig like caterpillar

10. Face to face with Twig Like Caterpillar

11.  The Twig Like Caterpillar 

12. Saw this red beetle on the way

13. And while observing the beetle shot this cute tiny flower 

14. Lichen huntsman spider - found mostly on tree trunk and completely camouflaged. Just focused on the eyes was feeling lazy n tired to do anything else.

Moving forward in the dense forest this fungus cought my attention 

15. Fungus - I'd help pls 

16. More of the fungus 

17. The view which cought my attention 

18. The only shot I was able to shoot.. As per my macro brother Faiz this species is not so common.

19. Great find by Faiz...

20. ID help for this cute moth pls 

21. More views 

22. A Full shot

23. A Wasp building its nest 

24. A weird looking yet amazing bug - ID help pls

25. My first long jaw - thanks to Faiz for finding this.

26. Face to face with long jaw 

27. And the second star of the morning.. My very second robber fly. This is the second time I have seen a robber fly since 2013 inspite of this being common in Singapore .

28. And there were more.. 

Finally a very satisfied outing and we will be back there for sure next time prob at night till then stay tuned for more update.

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