A Night out with Exotic Bugs

10:28 pm

This is one place I wanted to go and explore as this is one of the untouched places in Singapore and I was sure that it will be a Mini hot spot of Biodiversity and it did not disappoint us.

We took the last ferry out of Singapore to this place and reached our destination by 6:00 PM and by the time we set up our Tent for over night camping and cooked our food it was already 9:00 PM and I was feeling a bit restless as it was still an hour to go before we start shooting.

While we were waiting for sun to set and to start setting up for the night I looked up to the sky and saw this Nephila (Golden Orb Weaver) and I told my self "this will be a night to remember" 
so we finally started setting up and getting ready to go into the Jungle

 I was able to locate this Beautiful Locust while at the entrance of the trail and quickly took a record shot. The Locust said Hi also (can u see his left leg up - :-))

Since he was so patient and letting me come close I went in to take a close up shot

After I was done with the Locust i happen to come across this beautiful Huntsman Spider. This guy was really calm and had a beautiful smooth Greyish Tone throughout its body. 

Close up of the unidentified Huntsman Spider 

we saw a lot of Nephila Spider that night,. They were in Hundreds if not in thousands there. We were able to find one every 4 steps we took and they were pretty low as in almost at eye level and given this opportunity I shot some cool shots of this guy from different angles to show his complete body on the side and most importantly the Fangs.

Can you see the Fangs?

I have found these kind of structure many times in the wild however I never knew this is the work of a genius caterpillar who make these tiny structure with sticks and stay inside this. They are one of the true architect of the wild world.

Go Ahead Give it a closer Look

Yes you got it right this is no twig hanging but its a Spider. A twig like feather legged spider and looking at this guy i feel how fascinating nature is.

Close up of a very tiny yet beautiful moth.

You would be thinking why i am posting a photo of these brown color stick. ok give it another look see the pic Below.

Still Don't get it no problem another one below

Still no. ok not to worry i went in a bit closer to inspect what it really was and below is what i was able to find out

Can you see the eyes??

Yes my friends its a stick insect. for some insect Camouflage is the best defense and who else will be worthy of using it well then a stick insect.

Tiny yet beautiful Huntsman Spider

Large Jungle Cockroach - yes they are cockroach and they don't look as scary as their cousin found in urban Jungle. Also they have Blue Color eyes. look at the picture below..

The only record shot i managed to shoot before this guy got disappeared on the forest floor.

Mama Scorpion carrying next generation on its back

Yes the Business end of the Scorpion - the most dangerous part of the scorpion body.

                                                    Mama Scorpion carrying the babies..

A very Beautiful Beetle

For the very first time i have seen a grass hopper in Coffee color and it looked stunning

Went in a bit closer and this guy was not at all shy to show off that beautiful color 

A Very strange yet fascinating looking caterpillar. Yes that thing carrying the litter is a caterpillar and this is the hoarding behavior.

Another view

Face front 

Our 2nd Spotting of long horn beetle and this is the only shot which i managed to shoot before this guy decided to fly away

The most rare spider in Singapore and my first one - I was really very excited to spot one. 
Eight Spotted Crab Spider 

And i tried my hands on back lighting and i was able to manage the above shot. 

Closeup of the Tiger Beetle 

Not Sure on the ID of this beautiful guy

Oriental Pied Hornbill

This is one place in Singapore where we can find stray dogs and fortunately these dogs didn't do anything and left us alone to do our business.

And then it was time..

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