Valentine in the Wild

8:32 pm

So it was Valentines day when we decided to shoot at night(not a good idea leaving your wife alone at home) at one of the most Bio diverse Nature reserve in Singapore. When we were there the last week (Read the full story here - we met the magnificent Blue Nawab Caterpillar who was the highlight of the outing and this time we met alot of different species of bugs with an exception of an Amphibian a Black-eyed litter frog who was the Highlight this time. We also came across Heteropoda Davidbowie (our very first sighting and it looked stunning) and this guy had magnificent orange coloration all over body.

we were Joined by our friend Razali who was shooting with his Samsung S2 and he is the reason behind our very amazing Black eyed Litter frog spotting. He was observing a common garden spider and a grass hopper when he noticed the Black eyed litter frog (Size - not more than 4 CM) and we all jumped with excitement. Frogs have been one of my favorite to shoot and apart from the common toad and Copper Cheek frog i have not seen any other species in the wild so i was super excited.

Again without wasting anymore time with my pathetic skills of writing a blog post, I leave you with these beautiful pictures. Do share your feedback via comments and share.

Please contact me at or for use of any of the photos below.

Lacewing Eggs

Not sure on the ID of these wasps - ID Help pls 

ID help pls 

Huntsman Spider 

The star of the night  - Heteropoda Davidbowie

Close up of Heteropoda Davidbowie 

Just for you to relate to the size of Heteropoda Davidbowie 

Heteropoda Davidbowie 

Yellow Spotted Black Fungus Beetle 

Black Eyed Litter Frog - L. nigrops

Black Eyed Litter Frog - L. nigrops 

He kept walking - Black Eyed Litter Frog - L. nigrops 

Black Eyed Litter Frog - L. nigrops 

Black Eyed Litter Frog - L. nigrops 

Black eyed litter frog - L. nigrops 

Common Garden Spider - Notice the smiley on his back

Jungle Termite - Longipeditermes sp.

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