Day 10 - Project 365 - Ant Mimicking Jumping Spider

9:16 pm

Day 10 of Project 365

Ant Mimicking Jumping Spider

Happy Thursday people.. this is the day i desperately wait because this is the day I prepare my bag (sounds like school) for my night macro trip on Friday nights. And yeah I will be posting my setup (my camera equipment and the DIY diffuser) soon in a blog-post so keep a look out for the same. 

And I am back again with one more jumping spider and as the name suggest it mimics ants!!!! Can you believe it.. it looks like an ant too (take a closer look) but its a spider under the family Salticidae and genus Myrmarachne. By copying the physical appearance of the ant, the ant mimicking jumping spider are buying insurance for self protection from spider hunting birds, wasps and other spider predators. 

Photos below

Ant Mimic Jumping Spider

Ant Mimic Jumping Spider

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