Day 12 - Project 365 - Pink Plant Hopper

6:32 pm

Day 12 of project 365

Pink Plant hopper

It was late at night and we decided to head back is when I told Brandon that lets go a little further in to see if we get anything else and then i spotted this beautiful pink color plant hopper. The lacewing i shared yesterday was spotted by Brandon nearby this plant hopper and it was a special find for me since I have not seen or shot one before. 

Team work plays an important role in night macro since there are more eyes to look for amazing bugs to shoot and learn different things from each other for example Brandon has been changing his diffuser setup almost every 2 weeks to find the one which matches his liking and i got an idea for my DIY diffuser from it this Friday night and my new DIY diffuser is coming soon... 

Photo Below

I do not know the exact species but i will find out - Pink Plant Hopper

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