Day 11 - Project 365 - Green Lacewings

8:34 pm

Day 10 of Project 365

Green Lacewings

Green Lacewings are delicate insect with a wingspan of 6 to over 65mm, though the largest forms are Tropical. They are characterized by a wide costal field in their wing venation, which include the cross-veins. The bodies are usually bright green to greenish brown, and the compound eyes are conspicuously golden in many species (as shown below). The wings are usually translucent with a slight iridescence; some have green wing veins or a cloudy brownish wing pattern.

(Source: Wikipedia)

I was not able to post yesterday as i was out shooting with my group and as of now i don't know how to automate the posting process, this is something i am working on currently. The outing yesterday was OK and we found couple of good bugs to shoot but this place was full of Lynx spider and huntsman spider babies. 

Photos below

Green Lacewing 
Green Lacewing 

Green Lacewing 

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