Day 14 - Project 365 - Huntsman Spider

9:13 pm

Day 14 of Project 365

Huntsman Spider

Well hello bug loving people i am back with yet another baby spider. Its a Juvenile Huntsman Spider (i think but i am not sure and i will appreciate if you can help with the ID) and its very hairy. Huntsman spiders, member of the family Sparassidae (formerly Heteropodidae), are known by this name because of their speed and mode of hunting. They also are called giant crab spider because of their size and appearance. Larger species sometimes are referred to as wood spiders, because of their preference for woody places (forests, mine shafts, woodpiles and wooden shacks).

Source: Wikipedia 

Note: I am not sure of the exact ID for this beautiful spider.Any help with the ID will be highly appreciated.

Photos below

Huntsman Spider

Huntsman Spider

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