Day 15 - project 365 - Cute Spider - ID - Argiope sp.

10:42 pm

Day 15 of Project 365 

Cute Spider - ID - Argiope Sp.

I shot these photos during my initial stage of learning Macro photography (not that now i am a pro, i am still amateur macro photographer). As always we were searching for subjects at night and i was looking at this vertically hanging leaf with some weird white spot and upon close inspection i saw this beautiful spider who just caught some ant like insect and he was quickly finishing its meal and i took 3 to 4 shots and left it alone to eat its well earned meal and moved forward but i was still (for some reason) curious and i went back after some time to check and by then he had finished its meal. I took few more shots from different perspectives and one of which was shooting it horizontally when the spider is sitting on its web which came out very well (per me).check it out

Note: ID credit goes to @debomay Chanda

Photos below

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